Postcards From Oban. Welcoming you like you're part of the family (because you are)!

Oban Single Malt Scotch Whisky invites you to go beyond the bottle to become a local for a week through The Oban Abode Experience.

The week-long experience is curated by local tourism expert Explore Oban & attendees will enjoy:

  • A stay at The Oban Abode located just steps from the distillery curated by Oban distillery worker Derek Maclean and adorned with handmade furniture crafted from Oban whisky casks
  • A private, immersive distillery experience to learn the craft of whisky-making
  • Curated exploration of the seaside town where the distillery is nestled
  • A gastronomical tour of iconic local pubs & visits to merchants in town

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